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Woo Daves with nice largemouthTournament fishing creates a great competitive atmosphere which requires you to use your physical and mental skills to the fullest. It also allows you to develop friends nationwide. Throughout the years of tournament fishing I've personally had the opportunity to meet a tremendous amount of people, and I have learned many fishing techniques on different lures and different structures.

At last I have a place that anyone who would like to know more about me can turn to visit, and perhaps, learn from. Welcome to my web site; great tips, techniques, and secrets you won't find anywhere else!

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September: From the Freedom Alliance.  The link below shows pictures from our 22d annual Burrowsville/NASCAR Fishing Charity Event.  We raised $4,000 and we gave 50% to the Freedom Alliance/Wounded Warriors and the other half to the Super Kids, a group of mentally challenged adults.  It was a fantastic event, we had around 400 people who attended, ate and bought items we had for sale. to see photos - please click here.

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